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Published | Creative Motion Design "Expose Me" Interview with Zachary Long

Published on the Creative Motion Design blog column "Expose Me" - interview with me, Zachary Long!


Zaina & Adnan's Wedding | Fort Gordon Officer's Club | Augusta Indian Wedding Photographer

Just tootin’ my own horn here, as usual =). I did a quick interview with Creative Motion Design for their “Expose Me” column where they interview photographers about their business and life. It was finally published today! I also included some new photos in the post that are from weddings that I haven’t even blogged yet (did I say that I’m behind in blogging?). Here is a quick teaser excerpt from it:

{How would you describe your style of photography?}
Our brides describe our imagery as candid, crisp, and dramatic. I focus really hard on capturing those subtle moments during the wedding day of interactions and emotions, but I also go crazy for creating dramatic portraits of the bride and groom. I can’t remember who said this first but I follow the same philosophy: I’m an available light photographer, if a light is available to me, I’ll use it. While some situations call for soft natural light, sometimes adding dramatic off camera lighting to the bride and groom will really make the image pop.

Head over to the CMD blog for the rest of the article!

Creative Motion Design Blog Post about Zachary Long

Image at the top of this post is a recent one from the New Year’s Eve wedding of Zaina and Adnan which was over in Augusta, Georgia at the Fort Gordon Officer’s Club and Augusta Marriott Hotel. Yeah that post is about 5 more away so enjoy that wedding sneak peek at a new favorite image of mine =)

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