January 6, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Michelle & Blake's Engagement Session at Piedmont Park

Friday preview of Michelle and Blake's engagement session at Piedmont Park!

Michelle & Blake's Engagement Session | Piedmont Park | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Just face it, I’m like the slowest photographer ever for blogging. But seriously, their is a method to the madness! Why is this session, from late October, just getting posted in January? Trying to discipline myself to the one-shoot-per-week model means I have enough in the queue for the Winter months where we only have a handful of weddings, but at the same time means I’m a solid two months behind in blogging stuff from the Fall. Dilemma. ANYWAY, here is a quick photo of Michelle and Blake at Piedmont Park! We had an AMAZING sunset, as you can see from the swirly clouds, doesn’t always happen but when it does, wow. More to come on Monday.

Also, a friendly reminder AGAIN, that Betty and I both will be at the Georgia Bridal Show at Gwinnett Center this Sunday, January 8th, 2012. Swing by and see us! We’ll need the encouragement, we have a wedding on Saturday (tomorrow) 🙂

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