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Hello Brides from the Georgia Bridal Show!

Welcome blog post for brides that met us at the Georgia Bridal Show on Sunday, January 8th!

Hello brides (and grooms)! Thank you for stopping by our humble booth and meeting both of us! And even if we didn’t meet you at the Georgia Bridal Show, we’re excited that you clicked this link from wherever you found it =).

This is a quick summary post about us, so if you’re one of our regular readers you may have heard some of this information before!

Zaina & Adnan's Wedding | Fort Gordon Officer's Club | Augusta Indian Wedding Photographer

About Us
We are a husband and wife team of Atlanta wedding photographers who describe our style as “Fine Art Wedding Photojournalism.” Yes, it makes a nice catch-phrase for the business card but what it means is that we primarily use a photojournalist approach to the wedding day but won’t leave you completely hanging and infuse a bit of fine art creativity in the artistic choices of the photos and poses. We will help you move to the best light in the room or give suggestions on poses, which is why we are not a “pure editorial photojournalist” who don’t interact with the couple at all on the wedding day – we love weddings too and having fun with you!

Sophear & Jake's Cambodian Wedding | Oriental Pearl Restaurant | Atlanta Asian Wedding Photographer

Zachary Long is the primary photographer here at FengLong Photography. Zac will be at every wedding, guaranteed. We do not outsource our weddings, when you hire FengLong Photography you are hiring us. I hope you got a chance to meet Zac at your booth, that’s me the person writing this blog post =). Betty is at 90% of the weddings as well as my second photographer and also as the brains behind the operation! I get creative while Betty keeps me on track to what real women are thinking, she is the balance in the force of FengLong Photography.

Sophear & Jake's Pre-Wedding Bridal Session | Vines Garden | Lawrenceville Wedding Photographer

With that said, a bit more about us, Zac is a fulltime wedding photographer and small business owner. Every day I get up, grab some espresso, and start editing photos or writing blog posts, or do a photo shoot. What this means for you, the bride, is that this really is my job. I take taking pictures very seriously, their is no “off” when “I’m not feeling inspired” – it’s your wedding day! We are professional who consistently get great shots at each and every wedding, feel free to browse our previous atlanta wedding blog posts where we post more than the 10 shots in our website’s gallery and you can see a full day’s atlanta wedding photography coverage.

KyAnne & Brett's Wedding | Tybee Island Pier | Tybee Island Wedding Photographer

If all of this sounds good to you, send Zac an email RIGHT NOW by emailing or giving us a call at 404-955-8311. We would love to hear from you and learn more about your wedding day plans!

If you missed us this Sunday at Gwinnett Center, we’ll be back at the next Atlanta Bridal Show at the Cobb Galleria on January 22nd! It’s not too late to start booking the wedding of your dreams!


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