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Miles and Grandma | Anything Goes Wednesday

Anything Goes Wednesday blog post with baby photos of Miles playing with his grandmother!

While Betty and I were over the Hyatt Place Airport South, Zyka Decatur, and the South Atlanta Ishmaili Center in Fayetteville; Miles was hanging out back at home with Grandma! My Mom flew up here for the weekend from St. Petersburg/Tampa and hung out with us for a few days while we were off photographing our three day Indian wedding. Miles had a lot of fun getting a chance to play with someone other than us. The entire time we were at the wedding, Betty kept reminding me how cute Miles is by showing me photos of him on her iPhone :). On Saturday, Betty grabbed the camera while Grandma was playing with baby Miles and got the following super-cute baby photos (yes that’s me in the background on the computer working on a next day slideshow!):

Miles is on Top of the World! Miles is on Top of the World!
Miles is on Top of the World! Miles and Grandma

Miles and Grandma

Miles and Grandma Miles and Grandma

Miles and Grandma

Mom came with me on Thursday night to the Mehndi party. Well I guess you could say she was forced to come :). Thursday night when she was flying into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport I was right next door at the Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport South photographing the Mehndi party and the henna rituals. While everyone was dancing and celebrating, Mom took the shuttle over and got her hands made up as well.

Miles and Grandma

Miles and Grandma

Big Sur Trip Update
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