August 3, 2011 /

Anything Goes Wednesday | Photo of Zac & Betty + California

Random Wednesday blog post about nothing at all this week!

Zac & Betty at work at Nasrine & Amir's wedding Day 2

Hey look, it’s us! A quick photo of us that I took in a mirror at Amir and Nasrine’s wedding two weeks ago at 5th Avenue Event Hall.

Now, on to today’s post which is actually going to be a bit of a let down, having already wrote a blog post this morning on “What’s in our gear bag on an engagement shoot” because I was late on my Tuesday blog. So it’s my own fault to try to squeeze in two blog posts in one day so I’m cheating and taking a break for a really meaty blog post.

Mist of Big Sur

Big Sur!

With my California trip coming up super quick, like a week away quick, I’m finally wrapping up all of the travel details for California. I know I’ve briefly blogged about this before but it’s worth mentioning again since I’m just that excited! Now unfortunately we’re not going to shoot a wedding, rather for me to work on some personal projects of the California coastline because I’m just that enamored with Big Sur from when Betty and I were there in 2009 taking the shot above. I’ll be in the Big Sur area from August 14th through the 18th if anyone else will be in the area and wants to shoot some landscape photography or timelapse. Also, if any photography bag company wants to sponsor me I could use a new backpack for this travel adventure!! Actually, I think I will be writing a blog post over on about the gear I will be bringing with me to California. That site is going to be a website just for our personal projects such as landscape photography and of course timelapse photography. Speaking of which I shot a really cool astrophotography time-lapse of the Milky Way galaxy last weekend, that’s apparently what I do when I don’t have a wedding to photograph, I drive for hours to and spend all night to make a 2 minute movie.

Ok that’s it for another installment of our totally random Wednesday blog post!

Zachary Long is a wedding photographer in Atlanta, GA who will be having his first photo-vacation in a few weeks to Big Sur, California. View our wedding portfolio at or Zac’s personal website for time-lapse and fine art photography at

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