Here’s the first post of 2019 from January when I made the trek out to the Salt Lake City, Utah area and did a quick anniversary photo shoot with Dhara and Harsh! Being out West we had the unique opportunity for truly dark skies, capable of seeing the stars! Something that is pretty difficult to do back on the East Coast, try as I might to do it as much as possible.

We hit the road after dinner in Salt Lake City and drove the two hours out to the Bonneville Salt Flats, far enough away from the ambient light of the city to get a good clear view of the night sky. Being Winter, we didn’t get too much of the galactic core of the Milky Way, but you can see a good bit of stars in some of these Indian Astrophotography photos! Luckily Mother Nature cooperated as well and the storm that was bringing clouds earlier in the day had blow over by midnight and we got clear skies! When we arrived at the Bonneville Salt Flats decked out in Indian outfits, we didn’t anticipate the water that would be everywhere even in the Winter in January! Needless to say, also being January at midnight in the desert, we were FREEZING, and dipping into ice cold water was out of the question (yes I tested it and yes it was freezing even being salt water). We did however get some great photos in between huddling in jackets to keep warm in those lightweight Indian outfits, check them out!

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