So I was looking through the archives, because we just photographed Suparna & Saurabh’s WEDDING this past weekend in Birmingham, Alabama… and I couldn’t find photos from their engagement session on the blog to show someone. So upon further inspection, yep this was just another engagement session that was skipped in the midst of Fall year-end craziness with weddings! Double checking a few things and I found a few more that never made the blog as well, though I did a vlog video on YouTube and everything of course. Sooooo, without further ado here’s the behind the scenes vlog from my short trip to Nashville for Suparna and Saurabh’s engagement session and also photos from the session!

Super quick vlog for this week’s engagement session of Suparna & Saurabh in Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee! Fly in one morning, shoot all afternoon and evening, back out the next day. Quick trip, quick vlog. We did some fun cooking photos at their apartment in Franklin before heading out to Nashville and shooting around the Parthenon and surrounding Centennial Park in downtown. Afterwards we did some late night photos on the streets of downtown Franklin that I included a quick photo of but didn’t vlog apparently. Can’t wait to see you guys again in March 2019 for the wedding in Birmingham, Alabama! Music Licensed through “Modern Disco” by Rex Banner

Awww looking back at these photos after just seeing these two get officially married this past weekend is the best! Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking but we had a ton of fun running around Franklin and Nashville, baking some cookies at home before heading to get coffee and then exploring the Parthenon in downtown Nashville. Yep, apparently Nashville has a Parthenon not just in Greece, learn something new every day!

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