It’s that time of year again… February so that means it’s time to write about the previous year finally! 2018 was another amazing year for wedding photography where I had the opportunity to do a bit of traveling outside of just New York and Atlanta, doing some weddings and engagements in other cities such as Nashville, Knoxville, Augusta, and Dallas! Since we’re here for the pictures, here are some of my favorite wedding photos of 2018!

First of all, and most importantly, thank you to the brides and grooms who trusted me with their wedding, and went along with my sometimes crazy ideas for photos that may or may not have worked out. Such as the first photo here under the stars of Upstate New York of Anne and Matt where we ventured out after the reception in single digit weather and stood in six inches of snow to take long exposure photographs… hold still for 30 seconds while I take my frozen finger out of my glove and try to frame this photo in the snow!

And of course if you want to watch the quick recap behind the scenes video from all the random vlogs I shot in 2018 you can watch it at this embed below or just keep scrolling to the photos. Here comes 2018!

I’m sure I am missing some amazing photos that I posted before somewhere but in the sorting through alllllll of 2018 got skipped over when scrolling through the endless photos from the year. Apologies if your favorite was left out 🙂

Once again, thanks most of all to the brides and grooms that made all of these photos possible in the first place. Thanks for trusting me with the memories from your special day(s)! -Zac