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Anything Goes Wednesday | Do You Spotify?

Anything Goest Wednesday random blog post about the music streaming service, Spotify.

Happy Wednesday, or Thursday, depending on when you read this! As I was lamenting about yesterday, this week has been a serious blur to me. I just finished rendering and uploading Naz & Amir’s wedding trailer so it’s finally time to blog. Compressing a 3 day Indian wedding into a few minutes was a real challenge and I ended up with a 10 minute highlight reel trailer instead of the 4-6 minute standard I was aiming for. I guess that’s alright with all of the things that went on over those three days, right? I guess this means I HAVE to blog about their engagement session next since I already filmed and photographed their wedding! Ok so it’s decided, next Monday will be Amir & Nasrine’s engagement session in Centennial Olympic Park! That means Dianne & Mike’s wedding at Vines Mansion in Loganville will have to wait for the following week, please forgive me!!

Do you Spotify?

When we’re not catching up on NPR’s Morning Edition to give Miles his daily dose of news, we’ve been jamming out to Spotify ever since it launched in the US about a week ago or so. It’s really a great service that I would dare say rivals my old favorite music streaming service: Pandora. You know how you can’t pick the exact track you want to hear? Well, you can with Spotify! It’s like having access to (almost) every single song on iTunes, on demand, for free. Sure you have to listen to a commercial every few minutes, but you had to do that with Pandora too. I’ll gladly put up with the commercials to be able to listen to a specific album in it’s entirety whenever I want!

Here’s a link to one of my public playlists, “Songs to Edit Photos to” :). Just a mix of fun, upbeat club songs that keep the energy up to power through a wedding edit session. I guess I mix the “radio” feel of Pandora to choose a random selection of music, but I REALLY love the convenience of being able to choose exactly what I am in the mood for. If Spotify could come up with some sort of music discovery feature like Pandora or then they could easily take over the internet music space.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to those albums that I always wanted to listen to but didn’t buy off iTunes just yet. Case in point the two albums from 7 Day Visa, “Tokyo” and “Buenos Aires” – both really cool chillout/lounge type albums that I probably would never have given a try if not for Spotify.

Lastly I’m going to plug my favorite artist that I constantly try to support (outside of buying his albums on iTunes) by giving David Liang as much exposure as possible! Seriously, check out The Shanghai Restoration Project, they have an awesome mix of electronic/chinese/lounge/jazz sound that I could listen to all day long. And sometimes I do, much to the detriment of Betty’s ears :). Here are their main albums on Spotify:

The Shanghai Restoration Project – The Shanghai Restoration Project

The Shanghai Restoration Project – Remixed and Restored: Vol. 1

The Shanghai Restoration Project – Story Of A City

Signing off for this random Wednesday blog post about music choices on Spotify! No wedding this weekend but it looks like Saturday’s portrait session is still on and of course Friday night is an outing with the camera club to shoot some time lapse videos. Fun-filled weekend ahead that is almsot here as this week flies by!!

Zachary Long is a wedding photographer based in Atlanta and is constantly in search of new music to have playing while he is editing photos from a wedding. View our portfolio at and use the Contact Us page to inquire about wedding availability and to suggest some new songs for Zac to torment Betty with!

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