Part one of a two-part wedding trip down to Atlanta, which is why the end of this vlog just ends after the wedding. I had another wedding in Atlanta the following weekend, and with both of them being fairly long multi-day Indian weddings it just made sense to stay in Atlanta for the 3 days in between instead of losing 1 day to travel, home for 1 day, then traveling again for a day. For the actual wedding at hand, this week’s vlog is for Zubin and Saheel who had a 4 day wedding in Atlanta spread out with a Mehndi on Day 1, Pithi on Day 2, Nikkah on Day 3, and finally the reception on Day 4 at the Atlanta Westin Perimeter!

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“Danza Gris” by Tomas Novoa

Now for some photos from Zubin and Saheel’s wedding weekend in Atlanta!