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SWPB Personal Lifestyle Blog Circle | July - f/8

Monthly lifestyle blog circle post, shoot everything at f/8.


I’ll admit that I was a little disorganized this month for the blog circle challenge (click here to read last month’s post). These photos were taken on Wednesday, and this assignment is due Thursday… so no grandiose plan or organization other than the daily activities of taking Miles out. My plan, if nothing else, has been to take more photos of Miles with these monthly challenges, so I snapped a few of him today when we were at the Georgia Aquarium. This month’s challenge was to shoot everything at f/8, which in photography-terms is a fairly small aperture, meaning that when you take a photo like this everything is in focus for the most part, as opposed to those portraits you see elsewhere on this blog with the smooth blurry background. Besides the lighting challenges in the Aquarium itself, shooting at f/8 means not a lot of light will hit the sensor, which means I had to be a bit more aware of the available light in the dimly lit Aquarium. Also, with everything in focus, the background and surrounding played a more important role. All of these photos are uncropped exactly as they came out of the camera, which was a Canon EOS 5D Mark III and 35mm lens for the entire afternoon… all at an f/8 aperture but variable ISO and shutter speeds.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Miles catching the light in the upper hallway of the Georgia Explorer exhibit, and also my view most of the afternoon as I chased Miles around the Aquarium.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Finding a pocket of light and some repeating elements in the background.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Two seconds later, same spot.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Miles in front of the fish of the River Scout exhibit.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

The lobby today from where we ate our snack.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Miles in the dimly lit lobby, could only snap a photo when the rotating lights changed to white which were brighter than the other colors.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

The afternoon line for Dolphin Tales.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Outside the Aquarium, the World of Coca-Cola museum.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

The future site of the Center for Civil & Human Rights… and the clouds this afternoon.

[SWPB Blog Circle] July f8 Challenge

Lastly, the neighborhood. I really think for the next challenge I’m going to finally try some street photography.

Remember, this is a blog circle, so click here to read the next post in the circle by Denver H.S. Senior & Wedding Photographer – Susan Baggett and keep clicking through to see how a bunch of other great photographers interpreted this month’s theme.


Not part of the photography challenge, but I also strapped the GoPro to Miles’ stroller today as we headed to the post office and then to the Aquarium and Centennial Olympic Park where we took these photos.


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What a fun outing! I wish I had a camera when my kids were much younger – oh the memories I would have captured! 🙂 Great job!

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