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Setting Photography Goals for 2012

Setting goals for 2012


Happy New Year!!

2011 was an amazing year all around, first of course because of the birth of our wonderful Miles, but also because of the wonderful growth of our wedding photography. In 2010 we were shooting just part time, but in 2011 I made the leap to fulltime wedding photographer and have been blessed with the results from shooting ALL OF THE TIME. Looking back at our two previous posts about our 2011 Wedding Photography and 2011 Engagement Photography Year-In-Review I almost cringe at some of the older photos but then am pleasantly surprised in how much we’ve progressed by the end of the year. So instead of looking back AGAIN like the previous two posts, I’m going to look forward and see what is on the agenda to accomplish in the Year of the Dragon: 2012!

Personal Projects

In 2011 my major personal project trip was to California to work on my time-lapse photography in Big Sur and in Yosemite National Park. I definitely want to continue pushing the envelope in this medium for my photography and videography. Just last Friday, we ordered the motion control motor for our Kessler slider, so this $3,000 investment will definitely need to start showing something for it in 2012! We’ve also been in talks about possibly making another trip to China in 2012 which would involve some sort of photography/videography project in addition to visiting Betty’s family in Xiamen of course. Setting aside time to work on personal photography-related projects is definitely on the agenda in 2012.


This sort of ties together with the previous post on personal projects, as one of my personal projects for 2012 is going to be a video project – most likely some sort of documentary. If you’ve been following along a bit on the blog you may have seen that I’ve been working on a television show on and off during the production phase for the better part of the year. This has allowed me some fantastic opportunities to see how things work and get some real hands-on experience in video work outside of wedding videography. Couple this with my love of documentaries in general and the idea of shooting our own documentary has been kicked around for the past couple of months now. A few days ago I was contacted by a local artist to be the cinematographer and Director of Photography for a music video for them in the next few weeks. That in addition to the Light Painting Documentary that is in the pre-production phase with Dennis Calvert, things are shaping up to be REALLY awesome in this category for 2012!

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Again, related to the previous goal is to work on my light painting and continually push the envelope for what is possible for wedding photography. Of course this doesn’t just mean light painting, but new lighting techniques, poses, editing… continually learning and evolving is one of my photography goals for 2012. Nothing specific planned such as specific workshops or seminars just yet. We won’t settle for doing things as we have always done them and want to really grow and progress to be the top Atlanta wedding photographers.

As we start off the New Year with New Resolutions, it seems like the impossible is before us. What is your impossible goal for 2012?

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