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Our Own Wedding - November 1st, 2009

Photos from Zac and Betty's own wedding on November 1st, 2009 in Clearwater Beach, Florida.


So here is a random post for a wedding photographer, a blog post full of photos taken by ANOTHER photographer… but they’re of us (Zac & Betty), so it sort of works, right??? While meeting with a lovely bride and groom to-be last night in Buckhead we talked about how I met Betty and how our own wedding was. And yes even though we do feature a little blurb on our about us section of the main website and blog I figured, hey this story can be immortalized forever as a blog post too!

Betty and I first met waaaay back in January of 2009 in Orlando, FL through the magic of online dating, specifically Yes, we are a success story and no I never tried eHarmony or PlentyOfFish or any of the other sites out there. We did the traditional courtship where we chatted through the system first and then gradually moved into emailing and then calling on the phone before we met in person for our first date. We met on a Saturday at Lake Eola Park in Downtown Orlando at the Starbucks, grabbed some coffee and took a stroll around the lake chatting about work and life. From there we had plans to go to the Orlando History Museum for what else, a photography exhibit, so I guess the seed of working together as wedding photographers was there all along! By late afternoon we had strolled back to Betty’s place which was in downtown as well. After talking some more it was almost dinner time and Betty had plans to attend a dinner gathering at Jess C’s place on the other end of downtown. So I ended up tagging along and got to meet not only Betty but also all of her closest friends in the same night. Nothing like a little intimidation for the new guy! Ok, side note and to tie this all together, Shayne was at this dinner party and we are shooting his wedding this weekend at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Notre Dame. Crazy!

I had to say goodbye to Betty around 10:00 PM that night which is pretty early for a first date I suppose but I had to run the Disney Marathon the next day! I vividly remember waking up almost late the next morning and rushing to make it to Disney in time! I guess I must have slept through my first alarm or slept walked and turned it off but I can still remember waking up on my own and freaking out, rushing out the door and flying down the interstate in the pitch dark. Even with the horrible traffic of race morning I arrived at the starting line with about 30 minutes to spare. Throughout the run I had my phone of course and was texting Betty photos throughout the race, making plans to meet up later that evening to just lounge on the couch and watch a movie.

Mile 10.5 of the Disney Marathon

Mile 20 of the 2009 Disney Marathon!

Disney Marathon 2009

Zac doing the 2009 Disney Marathon Zac finishes the 2009 Disney Marathon

From that second date night onward we were pretty much inseparable. Stuart (the cat) moved into Betty’s place after the second month or so because I was over there so often we felt bad for neglecting him :). Six months later we were engaged and then five months after that we were married in Clearwater Beach! We planned a fairly small wedding, just 50 people which consisted of mainly my family since all of Betty’s family lives back in China. Her Mom flew over to attend but other than that it was all of Betty’s friends from Orlando who came to celebrate with us at Sand Key State Park and then the Marriott Clearwater Beach for a fun filled reception. Since this was a destination wedding for us (living in Orlando), other than meeting with the wedding coordinator at the Marriott once we found all of our other vendors through the internet and email. We chose our wedding photographer, Stephen Rudd, based on his style and received a photo experience that exceeded our expectations. I can honestly say that he is the reason we started photographing weddings ourselves, and we strive to recreate that seamless experience for our own brides and grooms.

The getting ready photos were captured by mainly our friend Linda and Betty at times while Betty prepared in her suite at the Marriott (I was just out with the guys driving around Clearwater at this time):








Then on to the professional photos by Stephen Rudd and his team. Since we paid for this wedding ourselves we only hired him for 2 and a half hours, which came out to $2500 or so and that was in 2009. Honestly it was the best money we spent, we loved his photos! Here are some of our favorites:


DSC_8320 DSC_8345



DSC_8480 DSC_8503
DSC_8512 Bridal's party
DSC_8537 DSC_8547

Zac with girls

Titanic post :)


Stephen stayed for the first dance and then we bid him farewell, and we partied the night away with an open bar all night at the Marriott Clearwater Beach. I’m pretty sure it was John who shot 99% of the reception photos with our camera as the rest of us danced until our feet hurt!



DSC_7134 DSC_7264



…and that’s our wedding! We had such a fun time and we fondly look back on those old photos now that it’s almost our 2nd year anniversary and Miles is already here! I hope this is a nice break from our normal work of posting the fabulous brides and grooms we photograph ourselves and gives a bit of insight into what our own wedding was like back on 11/01/2009 =)


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