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New York Wedding Photographer | 2016 Year In Review

Welcome to the long awaited 2016 Year In Review blog post by New York Indian Wedding Photographer FengLong Photography! 2016 was an amazing year, full of weddings all over the US from New York to...

Welcome to the long awaited 2016 Year In Review blog post by New York Indian Wedding Photographer FengLong Photography! 2016 was an amazing year, full of weddings all over the US from New York to New Jersey, Atlanta to Augusta, North Carolina to Texas, and even down to the Florida Keys! Thank you Delta for always taking care of me and getting us around with no crazy delays this year, that’s why I keep flying them and won’t switch to anyone else. That and the fact that the majority of our weddings are in New York or Atlanta, both of Delta’s hub cities so I can always find a flight. I’m not so sure 2017 will bring quite so many destinations as the year is filling up fast in bookings, but we shall see :). Back to the blog post at hand, 2016 and it’s amazing weddings! These wedding photos that I’ve selected for this blog post were just my personal favorites, and I know everyone has their preferences but these were the photos I am currently loving, so if you don’t see your personal favorite I apologize, and also if I didn’t post something from a specific wedding I probably missed it when going through the 100k photos from 2016 and will update this post at a future time as I tried to get a few from every single event in 2016 :). 100,417 photos taken in 2016 to be exact, which is slightly more than the 93,775 photos I took in 2015. I actually probably shot fewer timelapses in 2016 which usually contribute to that large number of photographs, so that means we just photographed A LOT of Indian Weddings this year compared to 2015 which was definitely true! Without further adieu, here are my favorite wedding, engagement, and pre-wedding photos from 2016 from Indian weddings and everything in between!

Bride and Groom Top of the Rock New York City    Indian Wedding Photography Haldi Ceremony Pakistani Muslim Wedding Photography in Atlanta Sikh Indian Wedding Photography Ceremony Bride and Groom Long Island City New York Engagement Photography North Carolina Hindu Indian Wedding Photography Atlanta Biltmore Ballrooms Wedding Photography Atlanta BAPS Mandir Indian Wedding Photography Brooklyn New York City Indian Pre-Wedding Photography Brooklyn Bridge New York City Indian Engagement Photography Parsippany New Jersey Sikh Hindu Fusion Indian Wedding Atlanta Jackson Street Bridge Indian Wedding Photography Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony

After the first batch of photos, it’s time for some text for SEO purposes! 🙂 Indian weddings were obviously what we photographed the most in 2016, and contributed to the majority of the one hundred thousand photos taken this past year. We did manage to sneak in a few non-Indian weddings here and there, which always seem like a mini-vacation when compared to shooting a wedding for multiple days, haha! Due to the length of this post here’s a short “Read More” link in case you are viewing the post on the main /blog link and not viewing the post directly. Click this “Read More” link below to continue seeing my favorite wedding photographs of 2016 by New York Destination Wedding Photographer FengLong Photography.

This blog post is also finally coming online in February of 2017, way later than I usually have these Photography Year In Review blog posts up, but with a bunch of December and January weddings it was just too busy to even think about putting this together. To anyone reading this later in the year this is irrelevant and I hope you are enjoying this small text break before the next round of Indian wedding photos!

Indian wedding photography in New York has continued to be a tough market to break into, so anyone with friends or cousins or referrals to anyone in the tri-state area up here is more than welcome! I love photographing all of the awesome engagement sessions and pre-wedding sessions in New York City, but we need some weddings too :). We did photograph an awesome Hindu/Sikh fusion wedding in Parsippany, New Jersey and earlier in the year a wonderful intimate Indian wedding in Queens, New York which you will see interspersed throughout this 2016 Year In ReviewWedding Photography blog post.

This was the Black & White section for no apparent reason other than I was picking a few black & white photos and just ended up putting a bunch together :). Now, for something that Indian weddings are known for, the bright vivid colors! So here are some color photos from 2016!


And for good measure, here is a text break in the photo posting to help the Google juice with the SEO before more Indian wedding photos from 2016. This will be the last section and just “photos I liked that did not fit anywhere else” part of the post, it’s like a flashback to 2015’s year in review post! 🙂

That seemed like a lot of photos, and that was only a handful from my “final selection” of 500 or so photos out of 100,00 to make the cut for this 2016 Year in Review Wedding Photography blog post. It’s really hard to be objective when looking at your own photos and you love them all so much, the hardest part of putting this blog post together was just scrolling through photos and saying “no” to so many other amazing wedding photos!

Thanks for reading, and as always thanks for an amazing 2016 from all of us at FengLong Photography! I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 has in store for us! Hopefully, a second Fearless Award to go along with the first one we won in 2016, but we’ll see. As always, check us out on Maharani Weddings from time to time throughout the year, and more frequently check Facebook, Instagram, and here on the blog for the newest Indian weddings throughout the year. We’ve already got a number of New York Indian Weddings and Atlanta Indian weddings, their are going to be so many amazing photos!! Going through the 100,000 photos I took this year I realized that I hardly blogged half of these weddings as the year got busier, so their is A TON of backlog to catch up with on the main website and here on the blog!! Indian wedding photography galore to come on the blog! One of these days I will also get around to blogging some of the random New York City photos that I always seem to take, and also the travel photos from my 2016 trip to Oslo, Norway, Paris, France and London, United Kingdom!