August 26, 2011 /

Friday Sneak Peek | Trina & Shawn's Wedding at the Wimbish House in Midtown Atlanta

Preview for Monday's blog post about Trina and Shawn's wedding at the Wimbish House in Midtown Atlanta

June 25th… the day Trina and Shawn tied the knot at the beautiful Wimbish House in Midtown Atlanta. So I guess I’m about 2 months behind in blogging weddings! We did have 2 weekend’s free in August while I was traveling to California so maybe I’ll get a tad more caught up. For now, here is the preview of Trina and Shawn’s wedding which will be featured on the blog on Monday!!

Trina + Shawn Wedding | Wimbish House (Atlanta Women's Club) | Midtown Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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