July 1, 2011 /

Friday Preview | Nishi's Indian Wedding Reception at Zyka

Preview of Nishi's Indian wedding reception that took place at Zyka Indian Banquet Facilities & Restaurant in Decatur

Nishi's Indian Wedding Reception | Zyka Decatur | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Preview for next week’s blog post about Nishi’s wedding reception at Zyka in Decatur! This was a super-fun wedding reception to shoot because I had shot her engagement reception at the same location a few months ago. So not only did I get to see Nishi on her wedding day but I got to see a bunch of other new friends that I met back in March. Congrats Nishi and helloooooo again to a few of my new friends like Serena, Xee, Zoya, and Amna!


[…] written a couple teaser blog posts here and there and showed a quick picture on Friday’s preview post about Nishi’s wedding reception at Zyka in Decatur. The fact that Betty and I were at Zyka just today (Sunday) meeting Sam & […]

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