March 16, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Greg & Elizabeth's Wedding at Transfiguration Catholic Church & Hilton Marietta

Preview of Monday's blog post about Elizabeth & Greg's wedding at Transfiguration Catholic Church and the Hilton Marietta.

This week hasn’t really been “crazy” like some weeks are, but I seriously can’t think of where the time went??? We have some awesome news to announce about our intern soon, but she doesn’t know that we have to do a photo shoot with HER first before that post, so if you’re reading this, surprise! =) We’re kicking off the Friday blog with just a short catch-up as we normally do, previewing our FIRST wedding of 2012, which took place on January 7th, 2012 at Transfiguration Catholic Church and the Marietta Hilton, in Marietta, Georgia coincidentally!

Sunset Light | Elizabeth & Greg's Wedding | Hilton Marietta Hotel & Transfiguration Catholic Church | Marietta Atlanta Wedding Photographer

We have another relaxing weekend on the lineup, woohoo! Saturday is St. Patrick’s Day so we’ll be walking down the street to catch the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Peachtree Street in Downtown Atlanta. Then on Sunday is the Georgia Marathon, conveniently ALSO in Downtown Atlanta so I will be walking down the street to try to take some more non-wedding photos again! Sunday is also the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival and Tunes & Balloons, which we traveled to see last year, but since it’s the same day as the marathon I’m not so sure we will be making the drive again this year. This was Miles’ first out of town trip I think last year =). Ok, have a great weekend, lots of events going on around our wonderful city!

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