February 23, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Fion & Tomomi at Clearwater Beach

Preview of Fion and Tomomi's photo shoot on Clearwater Beach, Florida!

First of all, Happy Birthday Miles! Exactly one year ago, at approximately 1:00 PM on 2/24/11, Miles Winston Long entered the world. We are the luckiest parents alive! On that fateful day I took the leap and never came back from paternity leave, and have been fortunate that all of the hard work we are putting into the photography in the mean time is slowly paying off. Case in point, this shoot from over the Christmas holidays with Fion and Tomomi! Here is a quick teaser, more photos on Monday, and maybe some photos from Miles’ birthday party over the weekend too. We spent the late afternoon along Clearwater Beach taking photos at sunset, grabbed dinner, and then spent some time practicing light painting with people. Here is one of the light painting photos, straight out of camera (no Photoshop at all).

Tomomi & Circles SOOC | Clearwater Beach Pier 60 | Florida Wedding Photographer

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