Pool & Studio shoot – Newspaper backdrop April 1, 2010 / People It was a meetup event by Melbourne. I am glad that I made to the event even with more than one hour driving. The newspaper backdrop was setup at someone's garage. What a creative and smart idea! Somet... READ MORE Brief Thoughts on Photoshop World 2010 March 30, 2010 / Life I attended Photoshop World 2010 this past week since it was here in Orlando. How could I not go to such a crazy show when it’s hosted right in my backyard? While the tips and techniques were amazing a... READ MORE World’s Festival March 10, 2010 / Life On Saturday, March 6, 2010, the Rotary Club of Casselberry hold the World’s Festival of 2010 showcasing ten exciting performances of authentic folk dances and acrobats of Asia, Middle East, Europe, an... READ MORE Wat Florida Dhammaram Temple – A place for colors March 8, 2010 / Life After we fell in love with photography, we fell in love with colors. So looking for colors around us becomes part of our day to day task. Then when we heard about this Thai temple- Wat Florida Dhammar... READ MORE California Road Trip March 8, 2010 / Travel We had our California road trip in September 2009. It was first time for both of us really to see California. We flew to San Fransisco, where we spent two days, and then rent a car driving toward sout... READ MORE Florida Cycling Race March 8, 2010 / Sports Zac is a cyclist fan so normally he is on the bike while Betty is doing photo shoot. This time, Zac did not recover from his winter hibernation, he went to do cycling photography with me. It was a be... READ MORE Our First Trip Together March 8, 2010 / Travel It is a make-up post for our first trip ever together. The saying is that if a couple can get along well in a trip, then they can get along well in their marriage. So we were nervous, but of course, w... READ MORE No Matter Who You Are, Smile Matters January 25, 2010 / People I was walking around Lake Eola to do some macro photos. It's a very beautiful afternoon full of sun shine and warm wind. Suddenly, three young people captured my eyes. Apparently, they're homeless wit... READ MORE A New World through “Eyes of Fish” January 25, 2010 / Engagement It's always fun to use fisheye to shoot landscape or wedding/engagement photos. The fisheye lens takes in an extremely wide, hemispherical image and creates unique, distorted appearance, which suggest... READ MORE Fountain at Washington St January 18, 2010 / HDR So many photos that I LOVE from today's quick walk around shoot with Betty. But if I had to pick one I do love the details in this HDR shot when it's blown up. READ MORE