Winter Park Model Shoot with Elizabeth Vasquez

June 20, 2010 / People

Betty has been to a few of the local Central Florida Models & Photographers group meetings from where she met one more looking to add to her portfolio. We met up with Elizabeth Vasquez ...


Beijing Day 3: Summer Palace & Winter Palace

June 14, 2010 / Nature

Here is our long awaited (or not) follow up blog post to what else we were up to in Beijing during our May 2010 trip to China. Day 1 was the Temple of Heaven, Day 2 we headed out to Badaling to see th...


Beijing Day 1 & 2: Temple of Heaven and Great Wall

June 7, 2010 / Life

To give our readers a break from people photography, I wanted to include a few shots from our trip to China in May, 2010. We flew from Orlando into Beijing to start our trip, and after that 13 hour no...


Model Shoot in Shanghai with Xiao Zou and Xiao Feng

June 1, 2010 / People

So much for the weekly blog post? Even though we have a million excuses as to why these posts didn’t happen, they still should have. We have been back from our trip to China for a week now, though eve...


Take Better Event Photos

April 26, 2010 / People

Thoughts and reflections on how to take better photos at Special Events such as speeches, presentations, parades, and festivals. Also we share our top tips for better event photos.


National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C.

April 14, 2010 / Travel

Wow, ok so maybe this once a week thing should really be called every OTHER week? We did have a good reason though for last week’s hiatus, we were traveling in DC! For me, it was my first visit but Betty had been there two years ago. Our reason for visiting was mostly a photographic one the National Cherry Blossom Festival!


Pool & Studio shoot – Newspaper backdrop

April 1, 2010 / People

It was a meetup event by Melbourne. I am glad that I made to the event even with more than one hour driving. The newspaper backdrop was setup at someone's garage. What a creative and smart idea! Somet...


Brief Thoughts on Photoshop World 2010

March 30, 2010 / Life

I attended Photoshop World 2010 this past week since it was here in Orlando. How could I not go to such a crazy show when it’s hosted right in my backyard? While the tips and techniques were amazing a...


World’s Festival

March 10, 2010 / Life

On Saturday, March 6, 2010, the Rotary Club of Casselberry hold the World’s Festival of 2010 showcasing ten exciting performances of authentic folk dances and acrobats of Asia, Middle East, Europe, an...


Wat Florida Dhammaram Temple – A place for colors

March 8, 2010 / Life

After we fell in love with photography, we fell in love with colors. So looking for colors around us becomes part of our day to day task. Then when we heard about this Thai temple- Wat Florida Dhammar...