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Tunes & Balloons at the 2011 Macon Cherry Blossom Festival

Traveling to Macon, GA for Tunes & Balloons at the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival

Road trip!!! With the amazing weather this weekend, we packed the car and headed an hour and a half South of the city of Atlanta to Macon, Georgia. We have passed Macon a countless number of times commuting back and forth from Orlando or St. Petersburg but have never actually stopped in the city. I think we probably stopped to get gas outside of the city… does that still count?

Our adventure first started by heading to the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Georgia Fairground and getting into a bit of a parking fiasco. Seeing an open space on the side of the road where everyone else was parking, we pulled right in, not realizing the giant mud pit we were about to get into. Luckily thanks to the gentleman who was next to us in a similar situation, him and I were able to push the car out of the mud! He was stuck there a bit longer until a truck could pull his car out, but we were able to change spots and head to the festival. After walking around a bit we didn’t really see any hot air balloons… turns out we were at the wrong location and that the Tunes and Balloons is actually at Macon State College on the other side of the city, not here where the rest of the Cherry Blossom Festival events were, d’oh!! Yeah, their event page isn’t specific AT ALL about location, see for yourself:

Tunes and Balloons

Saturday, March 19th
Presented by Cox Communications, The Georgia Lottery and Wilson Bryant HVAC

Marvel at hot air balloon tether rides and the balloon glow at this picnic-style event. Get into children’s activities and live music. Tour Macon State’s Waddell Barnes Botanical Gardens.
Macon State College

Gates open at 4 p.m.; Balloons glow at dusk, weather permitting
$5; children under 6 are free
Tickets at Mercer Tickets Sales
Free parking; Blankets and lawn chairs encouraged; Food/beverages for purchase
Media Partners 13-WMAZ, Cumulus Broadcasting & Macon Magazine

Oh, I guess by listing Macon College it’s the location, not just a sponsor… silly me for being an out of towner wanting to visit the festival…

We made it over there in time to see the lighting at least, but poor Miles was just getting hungry when we arrived, so Betty had to stay in the car and look after Miles while I walked over to the festival and took a few photos alone.

Tunes and Balloons - Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

Tunes and Balloons - Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

They had a nice live band and food, but the real attraction was the balloons of course. Everyone was taking rides and marveling at them. The only downer was that the balloons were tethered to the ground so we didn’t get to see the balloons flying in the air, but still a fun sight to see nonetheless!

Tunes and Balloons - Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

Tunes and Balloons - Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

I even tried my hand at doing some time-lapse, but with Betty in the car feeding Miles I didn’t want to set up for too long, so here is a pitiful attempt at short bursts of time-lapse photography:

Tunes & Balloons 2011 at Macon, Georgia’s Cherry Blossom Festival [Mini Time-Lapse] from Zac & Betty FengLong Photography on Vimeo.

The drive down to Macon wasn’t too bad at all on a beautiful Saturday afternoon, Miles just loves his car seat so he was sleeping quietly both there and back. Other than getting stuck in the mud, the only other mishap we had during our trip was attempting to get dinner at a McDonald’s on the highway that was way understaffed and getting hit hard by a tour bus or other festival attendees driving North as well. All in all a fun trip and a chance to photograph hot air balloons, which is something I had never done before!

Tunes and Balloons - Macon Cherry Blossom Festival 2011

The weekend fun continued with the Georgia Marathon on Sunday and an awesome engagement session Sunday afternoon in Piedmont Park. Look for those posts soon or preview a few photos now on our Facebook page: (don’t forget to LIKE us!)


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