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Technical Tuesday | Wedding Album Delivery

Wedding album design for Brandi and Bryan.

This old post from 2011 was updated with new albums in 2013 HERE. Click to go on over to:


I was debating on whether to talk briefly about the technical side of photo editing or a bit about wedding videography, as those are the two things I am occupied with the most at the moment (besides baby Miles of course!). I’m in a “nose-to-the-grindstone” mode right now wrapping up the wedding video for Amir and Nasrine’s Indian wedding, and when it’s a three-day wedding it makes the wedding video three times as long and three times as tough to edit! This is my world right now whenever Miles is napping/sleeping/eating:

Premiere Pro Workflow for Wedding Videography

Trust me when I say that isn’t fun at all, ok I’m just being melodramatic it’s fun creating movies 🙂

What is infinitely more interesting is the fact that I met up with our fabulous bride Brandi this morning in Norcross to deliver her completed wedding album!! With Miles by my side (Betty has class all day today) we met up at a Dunkin’ Donuts that coincidentally Bryan had worked on to remodel, small world!

[Blog Photos] Brandi & Bryan's Wedding Album Delivered

While finishing up the album design I asked Brandi what style of cover she preferred and when she mentioned that her other albums were currently brown I knew the plush brown leather cover would be perfect! I debate between the black leather and brown leather, and the brown is definitely a nice touch when it seems everything is black these days. Not that I don’t love the look of black leather, but maybe brown is the new black this year?

[Blog Photos] Brandi & Bryan's Wedding Album Delivered

The album design process is a relatively quick process even when creating a custom album for each wedding ourselves. We have finished the photo editing by this point and already created a “best of” selection of around 200-300 images from the 1000+ that would have been shot on the wedding day. From that smaller pool I pull my favorites that tell the story of the wedding day, occasionally dipping back into the larger pool if I need an alternate angle or perspective to fit the page flow if the selected “best of” image doesn’t quite work.

[Blog Photos] Brandi & Bryan's Wedding Album Delivered

Once the first draft of the album is complete, those pages are sent to the bride and groom for their review. From here on out it’s usually small edits of choosing one image over the other based on their preferences versus photos that I liked for their artistic look rather than who was in the photo. After this process is complete the final spreads are sent off to a professional photo printing press and the album returns bound and sealed in a few short days. I loved meeting up with Brandi today just to catch up with her and see what was new in her life after the wedding. We had a lovely chat and I grabbed a quick mocha latte on the way out to fuel up for the rest of Tuesday watching Miles all day by myself while Betty is in class. Today was a good day 🙂

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