August 5, 2012 /

Published | "Into the Dark" Official Trailer from Epic Pictures

Published in a feature motion picture, time lapse sequence in the new "Into the Dark" film trailer.

Published | Atlanta Commercial Time-Lapse Film Cinematographer

Hey look, published again, but not a wedding again! =) If you are one of our past or future brides and you would like to be published just let me know and I can help with the submission process, but because I love sharing all of the amazing images here on the blog as early as I can that doesn’t always align with certain blog’s requests for exclusive weddings. Anyway, here is a quick scene from the trailer to an upcoming film, “Into the Dark,” starring Mischa Barton of “The O.C.” fame. While I didn’t work on this film directly, the producers are using a few of my time-lapse sequences in the film! You can see one second or less of one sequence here in the official international trailer on YouTube. Just scroll to the 0:22 second mark to see a quick glimpse of a sunset at Brasstown Bald.

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