November 25, 2011 /

Happy Thanksgiving - Again!

More Thanksgiving photos from Atlanta Wedding Photographers Zachary Long and Betty Feng who are celebrating the holidays in St. Petersburg, FL

Happy Thanksgiving again from the entire FengLong Photography family. Today we left Brooksville and headed down to St. Petersburg, FL to see the rest of Miles’ family in the morning. We arrived at Grandma’s house and took a few practice photos with the new strobe in the backyard to pass the time while Miles took his second nap of the afternoon after napping on the hour and a half drive down.

Thanksgiving 2011 | Mom on Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving 2011 | Mark on Thanksgiving Day Thanksgiving 2011 | Mark on Thanksgiving Day

…and a quick behind the scenes photo for what is really going on! Grandma telling Mark to look over THERE at the plane I was talking about =)

Thanksgiving 2011 | BTS Mom & Mark on Thanksgiving Day

Then we spent the rest of the evening at the Degan’s house for Thanksgiving. They live on the other side of the city and technically I think it’s in Largo, FL but we’ll keep it as St. Petersburg because that’s where the majority of this story takes place! The Degan’s are my sister’s parents-in-law and they cooked up a wonderful Thanksgiving feast of all of the traditional goodies like turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and stuffing. After we stuffed ourselves we took a break before dessert and took some group photos in the backyard. I had my new trusty strobe with me (review coming soon) so I did a quick set up in the yard and snapped these photos:

Me, Mom, and Adelle (Sister)
Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg

Me, Betty, Miles, Mom, Adelle (Sister), and Joe (Brother in Law)
Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg

Mom and Mark
Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg

Mom and Miles

Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg Thanksgiving 2011 | Thanksgiving Dinner in St. Petersburg

The entire FengLong extended family!
Thanksgiving 2011 | Family Portrait in St. Petersburg, FL

Happy Thanksgiving from us once again! We are so thankful for Miles and also of course for our amazing clients that have made 2011 the best year yet. We can only image how awesome 2012 will be as we meet more and more of you to celebrate your wedding day together. Unfortunately I think their will be at least one more post from this trip as we head over to my grandfather’s house (and Miles’ Great Grandfather) on Friday to take some more family photos and show off Miles to my Aunts and Uncles. Then on Friday night we are meeting up with Nate and Bekah for dinner (click here for their awesome beach wedding from last year). Lastly, on Saturday I’m heading over to Orlando to teach another one-on-one lighting intensive workshop and hope to at least bring back a few amazing images of our two models Fion and Tomomi.

If anyone knows of some awesome Black Friday photography deals let me know! Last year we didn’t splurge too much, only buying some Mike Colon training DVDs and the Zack Arias lighting notebook. This year I’m really looking for another rolling camera bag and a new discreet shoulder-style messenger bag from either Lowepro or Think Tank. We just added the new strobe system to our Camera Concierge inventory and that took a huge chunk of our investment money out of play so I’m all for saving a few bucks on Black Friday if possible (from the comfort of my iPhone and iMac of course). Happy Holidays!

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