September 8, 2011 /

Friday Preview | Tina's Bridal Glamour Session at Life University Mill

Friday sneak peek of Tina's bridal glamour session at the Life University Mill.

I was so proud of myself for blogging 5 days a week finally, after working my way up from once a week to twice a week to three times. Then life just gets in the way and before you know it, it’s Friday and you’ve only written a Monday blog post. Sigh. These past two weeks have been really “off” weeks for us, and if you’ve been keeping up with our Facebook fan page you know why: we’re extremely busy! With Miles keeping our hands full as usual, teething but no real teeth… on his tummy by not crawling, I’ve been using every spare moment to catch up on editing. I’m just wrapping up Shamz and Sana’s wedding video yesterday and now it’s on to wrapping up some more photo shoots and engagement sessions! Oh, and a wedding or three.

Bridal Glamour Session with Tina | Life University | Marietta Chinese Wedding Photographer

Speaking of non-wedding shoots, coming up next week on the blog is Tina’s bridal glamour session at Life University. We had a lot of fun spending a little over an hour just getting great portfolio photos and not worrying about pesky things like guests and garter tosses to get in our way! More to come Monday, busy weekend ahead with Betty’s Mom arriving yesterday (Thursday) from China and then of course a wedding on Saturday. Have fun!

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