June 22, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Taqueesa & Adrian's Wedding at Word of Faith Church

Preview of Taqueesa & Adrian's wedding at Word of Faith church which will be published on Monday.

Another fun weekend around Atlanta! I was over near Six Flags a few weeks ago for Taqueesa & Adrian’s wedding. I was pretty excited because I thought we were actually AT Six Flags, but then I pulled into the church parking lot across the street… and I still thought we were at Six Flags! Ok, Word of Faith is a pretty big church to put it mildly =). Enjoy these quick previews of the wedding as I head out to tackle a three day wedding starting tonight! I’m super excited to be shooting more Pakistani weddings again, and this is just the first of three in a row!

Taqueesa & Adrian's Wedding | Word of Faith Cathedral | Atlanta Austell Wedding Photographer

Have a great weekend, Summer is officially here and it’s a hot one so far in Atlanta! As always, check back on Monday for the full wedding post!

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