May 19, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Esther & Jonathan's Wedding at Zion Korean United Methodist Church in Duluth, GA

Preview of Esther and Jonathan's wedding at Zion Korean United Methodist Church, full blog post on Monday!

Ok, so this Friday preview post is actually going up a day late since I’m writing from the road this week! Originally I had hoped to schedule this out on Wednesday or Thursday but I was trying to concentrate on packing and finishing up editing some other weddings before we left for our trip to Arizona for this weekend’s destination Indian wedding in Sedona. I look out our hotel window and have an amazing view of… the parking lot. But looking to the other side of the resort you can see the beautiful red rock mountains of Sedona =). Friday was the Mehndi party and after traveling all morning, this blog post never made it in time. As we have a bit of downtime before the wedding gets into full swing, enjoy this preview of Esther and Jonathan’s wedding at Zion Korean United Methodist Church back in March! Hopefully I’ll be able to blog from the hotel room and get the rest of this up on Monday but you may have to wait until Tuesday! Have a great weekend!

Esther & Jonathan's Wedding | Zion Korean United Methodist & The Tea Garden | Atlanta Duluth Korean Wedding Photographer

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