December 15, 2011 /

Light Painting Behind the Scenes Video

Behind the Scenes with Light Painting artist Dennis Calvert for local Atlanta artist DJ Kave.

What, ANOTHER video? Yes I know I posted videos last week including our Time-Lapse Demo Reel and Wedding Videography Demo Reel… but this one was sort of a surprise for me too! Dennis Calvert was in town to shoot some promotional pictures for a local Atlanta DJ, DJ Kave, and he invited me along to just hang out and shoot some behind the scenes. Of course I couldn’t say no, even though I had a commercial shoot the next day for the television project! First, the video:

What seems like a pretty straight-forward task, film some behind the scenes video, turns out pretty hairy when you realize that you are filming video in pitch black conditions… with no additional lights allowed. Any additional lights from a video camera would show up in the long exposure photographs, but I couldn’t use long exposure photographs myself or I would miss the physical performance process of actually creating the art… argh! I ended up shooting a mix of time-lapse and video, with the time lapse sequences as long as I could make them, which usually meant 2/3 of a second at the highest aperture and ISO setting that I could. Video was shot in a similar manner, as wide open as I could given the circumstances.

All in all I had a great time hanging out with Dennis and his wife, Ann. I’m heading over to him tonight to hang out in Alabama and film some more behind the scenes. Maybe this will be the great documentary video project that I have been contemplating for the past couple of months!


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