March 2, 2012 /

Friday Preview | Zainab & Farhan's Pakistani Desi Wedding in Fort Myers, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia

Preview of Zainab & Farhan's Pakistani wedding which took place in Fort Myers, Florida and Atlanta, Georgia.

Fittingly, I am writing this preview blog post in St. Petersburg, Florida where we happen to be this weekend for some photo shoots, which is also where I stayed with my Mom over the Christmas holidays when I traveled to photograph Zainab & Farhan’s Pakistani wedding in Fort Myers, Florida! The first two days had events held in Zainab’s home town of Fort Myers with the third day (the Valima) back in Atlanta where Zainab and Farhan currently live. I think I will break this blog post for the actual wedding up into three separate blog posts, because their were just so many events going on during this wedding that I have a ton of photos that are simply amazing! We are spending the weekend down here in Florida enjoying the amazing weather and doing an engagement session tomorrow in Orlando for one of our November couples. Miles is enjoying the fresh air and I’m excited to get some more amazing images tomorrow! Have a great weekend! Full wedding blog posts coming on Monday when we get back to Atlanta!

Zainab & Farhan's Wedding Day 1 | Clarion Hotel Ft. Myers | Ft. Myers Indian Pakistani Wedding Photographer


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