Episode 2 of Season 2 of our Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog, in February we all headed down to Chattanooga, Tennessee for Dolly and Viraj’s epic 2 state wedding! With Chattanooga being on the border of Georgia, we had half of the events in Georgia at the Colonnade Center in Ringgold and the wedding and reception at the Chattanooga Marriott & Chattanooga Convention Center. This wedding I also brought Betty along with a bunch of other 2nd and 3rd photographers and videographers for a huge wedding production for 700 guests.

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Great wedding with a bunch of guests, though still just one bride and one groom so it’s not like anything was THAT different from a “normal” Indian Wedding, we just had more guests watching the ceremony, sitting at the tables during the reception, and lighting up that dance floor with sounds by Atlanta’s DJ Jaz.