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Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 7 | Wuyi Rafting & Hiking Heaven-Traveling Peak

September 25, 2015 / China

Day 7 of our China adventure kept us in the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province, this time starting off with some rafting in the morning before things got too hot and then MORE hiking after lunch! We br...


Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 6 | Wuyi Mountain Hiking

September 21, 2015 / China

Day 6 of our China Summer Vacation series! We started with exploring the natural beauty of the Wuyi Mountain area which is a famous area in China for the mountain range. Basically a National Park like...


Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 5 | Xiamen University + Train Travel

September 13, 2015 / China

Another quick blog post from our China Summer Vacation! Mainly because I'm sitting here waiting for Adobe Lightroom to render photos from the next day of the wedding I am currently editing and I'm anx...


Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 4 | Min Tai + Jimei

September 13, 2015 / China

This is another quick Vacation post here on the ol' blog, a break from all the Indian weddings and engagements and traveling back and forth from New York to Atlanta! Day 4 of our vacation we headed to...


Summer Vacation | China 2015 Day 3 | Xiamen Nanputuo

August 31, 2015 / China

This is Day 3 of our China trip! After traveling from New York to Shanghai to Xiamen, we were still a little jet lagged but slowly accommodating to the time zones in China but still waking up really e...


Summer Vacation | China 2015 Day 1 & 2 | Xiamen & Gulangyu

August 29, 2015 / China

This is the first post in a mini-series here on the blog from our Summer vacation where we headed over to China for two weeks in July during a little break in the wedding season (and Summer break for ...


First Sony A7ii Review + New York City Time-Lapse

April 24, 2015 / Review

I really tried to like the Sony A7r for wedding photography, I did! You can read the initial Sony A7r for Weddings review blog post here and then the follow up here, where I talk about using the Sony ...


New York City Hijabi Fashion in Midtown & Central Park with Nuralailalov

March 17, 2015 / Travel

Last Summer the awesome Nura (from previous Hijabista photo shoots) was in New York City for a fashion show with Dian Pelangi, and we did a quick photo shoot on the streets of Manhattan just for fun =...


2015 Chinese New Year Parade Chinatown NYC with the Sony A7R

February 24, 2015 / Life

Yesterday was the annual Chinese New Year parade in Chinatown in New York City, so we decided to grab Miles and head over to check it out! Even though Chinese New Year itself fell earlier in the week,...


Central Park New York City with the Sony A7R

February 15, 2015 / Travel

I know I just posted some photos from Fall in New York City but again here are some more from Thanksgiving! My Mom came up from Florida to visit with the family so we had to take her around the city o...