March 10, 2010

World’s Festival


On Saturday, March 6, 2010, the Rotary Club of Casselberry hold the World’s Festival of 2010 showcasing ten exciting performances of authentic folk dances and acrobats of Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Central and South America at the Metro Life Auditorium. A great chance for dancing photography!

Before the performance, a lady, a belly dancer, captured my eyes. I loved the colorful gerberas in her hair and the elegant tattoo on her shoulder, exotic and pretty. She generously posed for photos. A lesson learned: we were in door and I did not have speedlight prepared! So I wasted a lot of her poses due to low light.

Performance started, I am not saying they were not interested performance, but I found myself not very passionate about shooting indoor on-stage performance. The light was dim and the fake trees in the background were distracting. I would be much happier if they performed outdoor with some natural light.  If I brought I tripod, I would have some nice motion photos. Well, I guess they were excuses for me leaving for home after Mexican dance and passed those supposed more interesting performance of Indian and Japanese drum dance.

It was not one of my favorite photography events, but it is always nice to explore something different and learn from those experience.

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