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Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding at Le Meridien Perimeter
Rosa & Bobby | Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding at Le Meridien
As a follow up to my last post about Rosa & Bobby's pre-wedding engagement session, here is their full Vietnamese wedding that I never posted in it's entirety on the blog! I'm not exactly sure what I was doing around the time of this wedding, but more than likely it had to do with us getting into more and more Indian Weddings, ...
Vietnamese PreWedding Engagement Session in Midtown
Rosa & Bobby | Vietnamese Pre-Wedding Engagement Session
How's this for some Throwback Thursday for you? Here is a fairly old Vietnamese Pre-Wedding / Engagement session from way back in the day that somehow never made it properly here on the FengLong blog! I was grabbing some old files for another couple and saw this session pop up on the same hard drive, and after double checking - yep ...
Brooklyn Bridge Vietnamese Indian Fusion Engagement
Ann & Shams | Manhattan & Brooklyn New York City Engagement Session | Fusion Vietnamese Indian Wedding Photography
Yay more posts on the blog from Summer shoots, yeah that 2016 wrap up blog post with these photos and others is coming soon! To the post at hand, even though it's a cold day with some snow on the ground here on Long Island, over the Summer I had the privilege of hanging out in Manhattan with these two awesome people who came up fro ...
Hang & Bory | Atlanta Vietnamese Cambodian Wedding Photography
More pre-move to New York weddings to finally get around to putting up on the blog! This post is part 2 of Hang & Bory's Vietnamese/Cambodian wedding celebration, which was the actual wedding itself and the reception at Vien Huong in Atlanta. To see the pre-wedding photoshoot with the bridal party and portraits of the bride and ...
Hang & Bory Pre-Wedding Bridal Session | Atlanta Vietnamese Cambodian Wedding Photographer
Throwback Thursday! #TBT ! Haha, just kidding! But I am definitely reminiscing about the much warmer weathers from this amazing pre-wedding bridal shoot from before we moved to New York! And yes, I do other weddings besides just photographing Indian Weddings ;). Back in June of last year down in Atlanta I had the honor of being the ...
Lien & Andy’s Bridal Session | Emory University | Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding Photographer
A super fun bridal session from again back before we moved to New York! Lien & Andy's pre-wedding bridal session with the wedding party was originally going to take place at Lullwater Park but as it started pouring in the parking lot, we moved across the street to Emory University itself. Unfortunately their wedding day ended u ...
Britney & Viet | Happy Valley Restaurant | Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding Photographer
With the move to New York, how about finally updating this blog with some Atlanta weddings from 2013? Yeah, that's how slow I've been on updating this blog. It's August, and here is an amazing Vietnamese wedding which took place in December in Atlanta! The morning ceremonies were at the bride and groom's houses before heading to Ha ...
Preview | Britney & Viet’s Wedding at Happy Valley Restaurant | Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding Photographer
Just a few quick previews from Britney & Viet's wedding which entailed the morning Vietnamese ceremony with reception at Happy Valley Restaurant's banquet hall in Atlanta, Georgia. Such a beautiful wedding with a beautiful couple! Many more amazing photos from this special day to be on a future blog post i ...
Recent Work | Rosa & Bobby’s Vietnamese Wedding Day 2 at Seasons Event Hall in Atlanta, Georgia
Here are some previews from the second half of Rosa and Bobby's Vietnamese wedding which took place a few weeks ago at Seasons Event Hall! We started the morning bright and early at the gorgeous Le Meridien Hotel up at the Perimeter before heading over to Seasons Event Hall for the wedding ceremony and reception. An amazing wedding ...
Lien & Andy’s Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony | Atlanta Vietnamese Wedding Photography
Back to back Vietnamese engagement posts! Well, the one last week was an engagement session more akin to a Western engagement session with candid and posed photos at a beautiful location (San Francisco). Today, we're blogging the entirity of Lien and Andy's traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony which was more ceremonial than s ...
Hang & Bory’s Engagement Session | Palace of Fine Arts | San Francisco Destination Engagement Photography
Another blog post from a session that seems like an eternity ago! Ok, it was only back in June, but in the busy Fall season it seems forever ago =). I really wish we had more time or another day to shoot, as San Francisco's notoriously foggy weather arrived in full force. As we pulled up to the Golden Gate Bridge we caught a few fl ...
Recent Work | Lien & Andy’s Atlanta Vietnamese Engagement Ceremony
Super fun Vietnamese engagement ceremony from a couple of weeks ago! Lien and Andy are an awesome couple with an amazing group of friends and family to support them! I had a great time celebrating their official engagement during a traditional Vietnamese engagement ceremony in Atlanta. Here is just a few sample photos before a full ...