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Chinatown New York City Sony RX100V
Chinatown with the Sony RX100V
Yeah, another light on content non-wedding photography blog post this week... but, I've got some REAL blog posts coming up soon I hope :). I was in Manhattan last week dropping off a lens for repair (dropped at Supriya & Joe's engagement session, oops!) and I decided to walk around the city with the newly acquired Sony RX100 Ma ...
Indian Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog #4 | Sarwat & Shanil in Atlanta
Come behind the scenes with FengLong Photography at Sarwat & Shanil's Atlanta Ismaili Indian Wedding last weekend from April 14th - 17th, 2017! Follow along as I travel from New York to Atlanta for their 4-day Ismaili Indian wedding including Mehndi night at Crystal Ballroom, Pithi/Sangeet at Opal Event Hall, Nikkah at the Isma ...
New York City Indian Wedding engagement session in Brooklyn at sunset
Behind the Scenes Vlog 2 | Leena & Rahul Engagement Shoot in New York City
Another week, another behind the scenes vlog! As wedding season truly begins, I hope to keep continuing this as a regular feature here on the blog, YouTube, and facebook where these are posted! Just like the previous episode of the vlog, I shot this entirely on the Sony A7ii which I carried with me around the city, in addition to m ...
New Series! Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog 1 | Afsheen & Shezan in Atlanta, Georgia March 23rd-26th, 2017
New series and new content here on this blog, my Vlog of Afsheen & Shezan's Indian Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia from March 23rd-26th, 2017! As I STILL attempt to piece together all of the video footage from our 2016 weddings into a year-end wrap up video, I thought to myself, why not just do that fun, candid, behind the scenes l ...
Paris PreWedding Photo Vacation 2016
48 Hours in Paris, France with the Sony A7ii | Travel Blog
Continuing the last blog post, which was a blitz through part of Europe's Schengen Area, landing in Oslo and taking the train down to Copenhagen. After jumping on a flight from Copenhagen, I was off to Paris for a few days! Luckily, the gloomy weather in Northeastern Europe gave way to sunny skies in France, which made a pleasant c ...
24 Hours in Oslo, Norway and Copenhagen, Denmark with the Sony A7ii | Travel Blog
While waiting for some wedding videos to render, I was going through folders on my desktop and found the "Oslo to Blog" folder from... April 2016. Sooooo yeah I've been meaning to share these photos for about a year now, and while I have some "free" time letting the computer do it's thing with a wedding video, I might as well throw ...
Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Review
Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Year-End Review
Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Year-End Review This is probably (hopefully) the last Sony A7ii wedding photography review for this blog, yay! On the one hand, by the time I get around to writing a second blog post we will be using the Sony A7SII or Sony A7RII for wedding photography and videography, or I'll be using whatever the ne ...
Winter Storm Jonas Hits New York! Blizzard of 2016 with Sony A7ii
This past weekend New York saw Winter Storm Jonas, or the Blizzard of 2016, roll through as our first Nor'easter of the Winter season, bringing us about 2-3 feet of snow. With the high winds during the blizzard we saw snow drifts in the 3 foot range, almost to the top of our fence! During the blizzard on Saturday afternoon we heade ...
New York City Christmas 2015 | Sony A7ii Travel Photography
New York City Christmas Even with this unseasonably warm Winter, it still looks like Christmas all around New York City! With the holiday displays in the windows and the lights installations around Manhattan, you can't help but feel the holiday magic (even if it's 60 degrees outside)! Being a Floridian at heart I think I'll take t ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip Day 13 | The Bund Shanghai
The final day of these China Vacation blog posts! I can finally get back to weddings so that you don't have to scroll so far in the blog to see actual New York and Atlanta Indian weddings :). Day 13 was our final day before heading home to New York from Shanghai, and we wanted to take Miles to the Bund since I had pretty much gone ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 12 | Jingan Temple & The Bund Shanghai
Day 12 was our second day in Shanghai for our China Vacation 2015, and we explored some of the more touristy things that the city has to offer, but of course I did go back to The Bund in the evening to check out more of the famous skyline views! Another day putting the Sony A7ii to the test as a travel camera! Jingan Temple ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Days 10 & 11 | Wuyi University & Train & Shanghai
Days 10 and 11 of our Summer vacation to China sort of blended together with one day being a travel day, so they're blended together with this vacation photos blog post! As we were exploring parts of Fujian and Wuyi we went to visit Wuyi University which has a gorgeous and large campus out in the countryside of Wuyishan. After spen ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 9 | Wuyi Hiking Tea & Zhang Yimou’s Impression Dahongpao
Day 9 of our Summer trip to China saw yet another blazing hot Summer day, and more hiking in the mountains of the Wuyi area for us! We took a car in the morning to a more remote corner of Wuyi to hike this huuuuge waterfall area. On the bright side we took a little tram up to the peak and only had to hike down, but it was still a l ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip Day 8 | Heping & Xigua Tea
Here's another break from wedding blogging to put *something* up here to help the Google-fu SEO along. Also it's a good time for me to take a break while I wait for Lightroom to ingest this Nikkah that I'm editing and generate previews so I can actually get to work! Back to China in the Summer as Winter approaches us here in New Yo ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 7 | Wuyi Rafting & Hiking Heaven-Traveling Peak
Day 7 of our China adventure kept us in the Wuyi mountains of Fujian province, this time starting off with some rafting in the morning before things got too hot and then MORE hiking after lunch! We braved "Heaven-Traveling Peak" which is touted as the No. 1 scenic spot in Wuyi, beautiful view - way too many steps to climb! ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 5 | Xiamen University + Train Travel
Another quick blog post from our China Summer Vacation! Mainly because I'm sitting here waiting for Adobe Lightroom to render photos from the next day of the wedding I am currently editing and I'm anxious to be doing something right now (since it's the middle of the night anyway). Day 5 was our last day in Xiamen, and we spent it r ...
Summer Vacation | China Trip 2015 Day 4 | Min Tai + Jimei
This is another quick Vacation post here on the ol' blog, a break from all the Indian weddings and engagements and traveling back and forth from New York to Atlanta! Day 4 of our vacation we headed to the outskirts of Xiamen to find Min Tai, an old ancient town that was turned into a tourist destination and then fell into misuse. L ...
Summer Vacation | China 2015 Day 3 | Xiamen Nanputuo
This is Day 3 of our China trip! After traveling from New York to Shanghai to Xiamen, we were still a little jet lagged but slowly accommodating to the time zones in China but still waking up really early. We headed back to the walking street that we visited the day before, but today without the rain! After exploring the streets an ...
Summer Vacation | China 2015 Day 1 & 2 | Xiamen & Gulangyu
This is the first post in a mini-series here on the blog from our Summer vacation where we headed over to China for two weeks in July during a little break in the wedding season (and Summer break for Betty's university). Feel free to skip these blog posts if you want to see the regular wedding content, but if you're interested in s ...
Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Review!
Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Review Taking a quick break from editing and shooting weddings to write up another quick geeky gear review blog post, the Sony A7ii Wedding Photography Review! I've previously reviewed the Sony A7R - the R version of Sony's new full frame mirrorless camera system - a few times here on the blog, click ...