November 7, 2016

Sarah & Aziz | Atlanta Indian Wedding at Opal Event Hall & Crowne Plaza Ravinia

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Sarah & Aziz | Atlanta Indian Wedding at Crowne Plaza Ravinia and Opal Event Hall

Thanks for checking out our Indian wedding photography blog that is always out of order! After writing up a couple of Indian fusion weddings from YEARS AGO here is one from 2016 at least! :) Definitely not in order though as I have a bunch from earlier that need to go up on the blog but this one is right in front of me ready to publish, so here it is! Speaking of publishing weddings on this blog, Sarah & Aziz’s wedding was already featured once on the Maharani Weddings blog which you can read by following this link here. I’m sure I picked similar photos to submit to Maharani Weddings but a lot of these photos will be my favorite candid and emotional photos in addition to the great portraits that I sent to their blog.

Also, before I get we had the pleasure of working with some great vendors to make Sarah & Aziz’s dream weekend a reality!

Makeup: Glamour Makeup by Ruth Lam 

Hair: Gunn Glamour

Decor: Events InStyle by Beenish

Mehndi: Manisha’s Mehndi Design

DJ: Prime DJs

Catering: Naan N Curry & Mirza Catering

Mehndi Night

Day 1 of this wedding kicked off with Mehndi night at the bride and groom’s houses. Manisha’s Mendi Designs team did the mehndi for the bride and guests, and it was a nice relaxed evening to get everyone into the wedding spirit before the big events kicked off the next night!

atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324351 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324598 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324643 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324671 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324851 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324865 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-324953 atlanta-indian-wedding-mehndi-night-325401

Pithi & Sangeet at Opal Event Hall

The Pithi ceremony, egg ceremony, and Sangeet night party took place at Opal Event Hall in Lawrenceville. After a (relatively) more tame Mehndi night, Pithi/Sangeet feels like the wedding is really in full swing! Sarah looked stunning in her first outfit with a yellow and orange color theme, followed up with a darker blue and silver/gold matching outfit with her groom. Lots and lots of great dancing thanks to Prime DJs rocking us all night long! The wedding video will show the craziness even more than these photos do of the Sangeet fun!

atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-326070 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-326086 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-326159 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-326502 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-326504 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327157 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327414 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327583 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327725 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327737  atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327776 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-327815 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-328494 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-328530 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-328703 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-329465 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-329544 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-320502 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-320505 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-320557 atlanta-indian-wedding-sangeet-opal-event-hall-320919

Nikkah / Khoba Khobi

After so much fun and craziness, we bring it down a level for the Nikkah marriage ceremony on Saturday morning, followed by the Khoba Kobi games and the evening reception! Thanks again to Ruthie Lam with Glamour by Ruth for making Sarah look amazing yet again!

atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321153 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321289 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321297 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321399 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321435 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321452 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321670 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321683 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321719 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-321993 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-322144 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-322711 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-322719 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-322723 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-322886 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323280 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323472 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323508 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323578 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323659 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323687

Reception at Atlanta Crowne Plaza Ravinia

Continuing the fun from Saturday, we headed to the Crowne Plaza Ravinia in the evening for the reception! Sarah once again looked stunning in her white dress with gold embroidery accents! Lots and lots more fun and craziness on the dance floor after the reception program thanks to Prime DJs!

atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323704 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323718 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323806 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323850 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323867 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323955 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-323984 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324003 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324017 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324030 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324080 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324093 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324345 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324355 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324377 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324389 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324425 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324576 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-324602 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325004 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325488 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325554 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325598 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325600 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325700 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325724 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325736 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325911 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325918 atlanta-indian-wedding-nikkah-reception-crowne-plaza-325919

Such a fun Atlanta Indian wedding at Crowne Plaza Ravinia! Thanks for checking out the FengLong Photography wedding blog and check back soon (eventually) for new content because I have a million and one weddings from 2016 that still need to be featured here :)

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