July 20, 2013

Recent Work | Rosanna & Doug’s Cambodian Wedding Day 2 at Canton House


Second half of this Cambodian wedding, day 2 after an action-packed Day 1 which was previewed on the blog here. Still going to be a little bit longer for the full blog post of course with a ton of backlogged content sitting in front of me but wanted to at least get this preview up! Day 2 was as amazing as Day 1, with a morning Cambodian wedding ceremony continuation leading up to the evening reception at Canton House restaurant where we danced and celebrated the night away. Here are just a few of my favorites (which numbered in the multiple thousand of photos haha, it was a long and fun day) =)

Groom's entrance during Cambodian wedding ceremony

Cambodian bride and groom exchange rings during wedding ceremony

Cambodian wedding ceremony in bride's house

Cambodian wedding hair cutting ceremony

Cambodian wedding party

Elder blesses the couple during Cambodian wedding ceremony in Atlanta

Cambodian bride and groom receive blessing during wedding

Cambodian bride and groom on their wedding day

Cambodian bride and groom dance during reception in Western wedding attire

Cambodian bride and groom dance during reception in Western wedding attire

Too many favorite photos to narrow these down to just a few! I know the full blog post for this Atlanta Cambodian Wedding is going to be in the hundreds of favorite photos. So many favorite moments! Ahhh! Congratulations again Rosanna and Doug!

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