June 28, 2012

Recent Work | Pre-Wedding Bridal Session at Dunaway Gardens


I hate doing bridal sessions before a wedding! Why? Because I can’t blog or Facebook the amazing images until after the wedding! ARGHHHH!!! I guess I just have this inherent need to show my most recent work and get it out there because it’s so amazing and I love the images we created on this unpredictable May afternoon at Dunaway Gardens. The imminent rain threatened us the entire morning but we only got a few drops here and there, but with the moisture in the air it started getting a bit muggy pretty quick. Here are some teaser images from the shoot… and one funny image at the end taken by the bride’s mother – HI MOM! Yes, wearing shorts to a bridal shoot… yes it was pretty warm and our bride (who will remain nameless until the wedding) was an amazing trooper because we covered almost every inch of these beautiful, and gigantic, gardens! I can’t wait until the wedding and until I can share the rest of these amazing photos!

Bridal Session | Dunaway Gardens | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Behind the Scenes | Bridal Session | Dunaway Gardens | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Bridal Session | Dunaway Gardens | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

Anything for the shot, right? =)

Behind the Scenes at Bridal Shoot | Dunaway Gardens | Atlanta Wedding Photographer

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