April 1, 2010

Pool & Studio shoot – Newspaper backdrop


It was a meetup event by Melbourne. I am glad that I made to the event even with more than one hour driving. The newspaper backdrop was setup at someone’s garage. What a creative and smart idea! Something different, but not too difficult to make it happen. Here is the behind the scene for the photo shoot.

Newspaper Backdrop behind the scene

There were four models and a dozen photographers. Brandi is the youngest among them who is still a freshmen in high school. Her long gold hair is such a treasure for photographers.  Her blue ocean eyes are big and deep, and I believe there are many boys are crazy about her. She is still a young girl, so when some photographer asked her to do some wild facial expression, I did not really like the idea. I love to show her beautiful face, eyes, skins, but mostly to present the true beauty of a teenager girl.

It is a very successful studio shoot and it made my 1.5 hr one-way driving in a central Florida tornado on the way back total worthwhile.


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