January 25, 2010

No Matter Who You Are, Smile Matters


I was walking around Lake Eola to do some macro photos. It’s a very beautiful afternoon full of sun shine and warm wind.
Suddenly, three young people captured my eyes. Apparently, they’re homeless with bags with them. They wore dresses with holes and their hair were knotted. What intriguing me most was not their beautiful and handsome young faces, but their loud laugh and singing with a guitar. For the first time, I approached to strangers and asked them to allow me taking their photos.
With their kind permission, I had their beautiful and smiley faces on prints! The girl was Carrier and I didn’t ask the names of other two guys. They were smiling at the camera lens and their faces are shining. I chatted with them when taking photos and understood they came from Alaska, Connecticut and Miami. Yes, they are homeless and poor. All they have are a dog, a guitar and a few bags. But they are happy with their life of freedom. They play great guitar and sing beautiful songs. Just like me, they are enjoying this beautiful afternoon.
It reminded me our last photo shooting for homeless at Coalition for homeless. Sorry I can’t post their photo due to their privacy.  They are nobody comparing to the beautiful and glamor models, but what they all have are beautiful smiles and their happiness toward their photo shooting and their life. I will do more photos for people living in the street and picture their individual life. No matter who you’re, smile matters.

– Betty

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