September 10, 2012

New Website Launch! | Free Facebook Timeline Cover Photos


Our new website finally launched, woohoo! In between editing these wedding videos (Sorry Yusra & Rahil, Reesha & Neil!) I’ve been trying to get our new website finally up and running. On top of that our previous website hosting provider’s contract is up in a month so that was the perfect motivation to get things running and switch website designs and hosting. While the website is about 90% complete, that’s good enough to launch for me! I’m just missing a few galleries here and there as I rebuild the content from our previous wedding photography portfolio. So, why the need to change? If it’s not broke, don’t fix it… right? Well, our previous website was programmed in Adobe Flash which as you probably know does not work on your iPhone or iPad (and believe me, I’m on my iPhone and iPad A LOT browsing websites), and while the site did revert to a HTML site to be displayed on mobile devices, the workaround wasn’t ideal. What this new site gives us is snazzy new HTML5 technology which is the future of the web and allows for features previously only available using techniques like Flash, but totally in HTML so it will display the exact same website on any web browser on any device. In essence we’re also future-proofing our website, at least for the next six months until the NEXT technology comes out. Hey, maybe the new iPhone 5 that should be coming out soon will finally display Flash and we wouldn’t have had to upgrade at all! Either way, head on over to the main website at and tell me what you think of the new layout and design!

In celebration of the new website, and because I happen to be going through these anyways to print some photos for the walls (because we’re ordering some prints of Miles again so I might as well order some landscape photos too), here are some snazzy Facebook Timeline Cover Photos! They are correctly sized for Facebook so their is no repositioning or any other work that needs to be done. Yes, they have a tiny watermark on them but guess what? That watermark is right where your profile photo is going to be so it won’t show up at all (unless someone clicks through)!

Zac's Facebook profile with Timeline Cover Photo

Also, yes I need more friends :) Please add me on Facebook! Here we go with the photos, simply right click and “Save As…” using your browser. Enjoy and visit the website ;)

Antelope Canyon Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Antelope Canyon Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Antelope Canyon Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Yosemite National Park Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

Mono Lake Sunset Facebook Timeline Cover PhotoGrand Canyon Sunset Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

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