March 30, 2017

New Series! Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog 1 | Afsheen & Shezan in Atlanta, Georgia March 23rd-26th, 2017

Behind the Scenes Vlog Travel Wedding

New series and new content here on this blog, my Vlog of Afsheen & Shezan’s Indian Wedding in Atlanta, Georgia from March 23rd-26th, 2017! As I STILL attempt to piece together all of the video footage from our 2016 weddings into a year-end wrap up video, I thought to myself, why not just do that fun, candid, behind the scenes look into Indian wedding photography and videography for every single wedding? Just throw together a bunch of quick and dirty edits into a behind the scenes vlog, and document what happens along the way at each wedding we do? Well, technically this is our 3rd wedding of 2017 already but I sort of count the first two we did, on the first two weekends of January, as sort of an extended Winter 2016 season as it really blurs together everything that happened from about May to January. After a brief 6-week “vacation” with no weddings, and just lots and lots of editing, it was great getting back to shooting a wedding last weekend and starting this new Behind the Scenes Vlog during the weekend! Most of the content was shot on my trusty Sony A7ii ILCE-7M2 but any shots of myself were grabbed from Ali’s Canon 5D Mark III or one of the stationary 5D Mark III’s that we shoot the majority of our wedding videos on. It’s a little tough to navigate trains and airports carrying two roller bags AND trying to shoot footage with the A7ii so maybe I need to figure out another solution for video, but for the most part the A7ii did great as a travel/vlog camera.

Check out Volume 1 of our Indian Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog and stay tuned here and on YouTube for more to come throughout the year!!


Here are a few quick preview photos from the wedding to see how all of this behind the scenes craziness turned out!

Afsheen & Shezan's Pithi Sangeet Night in Atlanta Afsheen & Shezan's Pithi Sangeet Night in Atlanta Indian wedding bride and groom portraits after Nikkah ceremony Indian wedding bride and groom portraits after Nikkah ceremony Indian wedding reception bridal party group photo Indian wedding reception bride and groom dance photo Indian wedding reception bride and groom dance photo Indian wedding reception bride and groom dance photo Indian bride hugging her mother and showing henna designs during ruhksati Indian bride crying during ruhksati

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