May 8, 2013

Nadia & Sohail’s Pithi | Occasions Event Center | Atlanta Indian Ismaili Wedding Photography

Indian Wedding Muslim Wedding Wedding

Some quick preview photos from Nadia & Sohail’s Pithi Ceremony at Occasions Event Center in Atlanta are finally up on the blog! I’m almsot done with the Nikkah photos as well so that will be posted soon but I couldn’t wait to share these photos! The Pithi ceremony is one of my absolute favorite parts of an Ismaili wedding, it is just so exciting from a photography and videography viewpoint =). Anyone who has ever attended an Indian wedding like this will know what I mean, and let’s just say that Sohail’s friends really know how to do the egg ceremony portion =).

Indian groom during Pithi ceremony

Ismaili groom during messy egg ceremony of Pithi wedding night

Ismaili Indian groom getting flour poured on his head during Pithi ceremony

Indian bride and groom entering banquet hall during Pithi night

Guests dancing to Bollywood songs during Pithi/Dholki night

Indian bride dancing with guests during Pithi/Dholki night

Also, I looooved Nadia’s dress for the later part of the evening (after changing from the Pithi ceremony). The red color was amazing, really nice! Well of course Sohail was in a matching red one that perfectly complimented hers, what can I say they look good together =). Ok, back to finishing up these Nikkah photos! Look for many many more photos from the Pithi ceremony to come to the blog later!

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