Manhattanhenge 2016 Times Square NYC
July 12, 2016

Manhattanhenge 2016 in Times Square, New York City


This year’s second Manhattanhenge took place last night, July 11th, and I was actually in town not traveling for a wedding like the first time it happened this year! I happened to also have a quick meeting with a bride in New York City yesterday for her upcoming destination Indian wedding, so it worked out perfectly to hang around NYC for a few extra hours to catch the sunset!

Manhattanhenge 2016 Times Square NYC

Manhattanhenge 2016 Times Square NYC

With the sunset only lasting a few minutes, I didn’t have enough time to walk to a second location in the city like 34th street, which also seemed like it would produce a pretty cool photo based on some quick location scouting earlier in the day due to it being a large two-way street. I settled for an iconic location like Times Square and was not disappointed to share 20 minutes of New York City bliss with the 500 or so other New Yorkers snapchatting, instagramming, and facebooking Manhattanhenge 2016.

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