May 13, 2017

Indian Wedding Photography Behind the Scenes Vlog #5 | Sarwat & Shanil in Richmond, Virginia

Behind the Scenes Vlog Wedding

Lacking content on the website blog this week? Let’s just repost my Vlog from YouTube, Okay? Okay!

This is the follow-up vlog from the last post about Sarwat and Shanil’s wedding ceremony in Atlanta the previous weekend. The following weekend Ali and I headed up to Richmond, Virginia for the second half of their wedding, a reception at the Hilton Richmond –  Short Pump! As a special teaser to this vlog, the first half of the vlog is us going to the New York March for Science, before I caught the Amtrak train down from New York City to Richmond. Ali met up with me in Richmond, driving up from Atlanta for the 2nd half of this Ismaili Indian Wedding. Here are a few super quick preview photos as well, because blog content!!


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