January 18, 2010

Fountain at Washington St


So many photos that I LOVE from today’s quick walk around shoot with Betty. But if I had to pick one I do love the details in this HDR shot when it’s blown up.

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Pullman Train Yard HDR Shoot, Jasmine Star Business Workshop, and Jennifer & Derek’s Wedding Sneak Peek Part 2!
Going to the Pullman Train Yard with the Southeastern Photographic Society to shoot HDR and time-lapse, also a preview of Jennifer & Derek's wedding at Red Top Mountain.
HDR Workshop Notes
I had the honor of attending the HDR Workshop put on by the legendary Trey Ratcliff of StuckInCustoms fame and the other living legend Scott Bourne – host of Photofocus, social media guru, and oh yeah a renowned bird photographer. This was not my first exposure to HDR as I had been snapping HDR images once we got our first DSLR, the mighty D90, over a year ago. Looking back my first images were just mediocre, but as almost everyone who shoots HDR experiences, it’s that initial WOW factor that sucks you into the world of HDR. Once I got turned on to Trey’s site and read the HDR tutorial I was immediately blown away by the technique and t ...
Buried Treasure – HDR of Don Cesar Hotel, St. Pete Beach
We've finally moved over to Adobe Photoshop LightRoom for managing all of our files. While this has been a great way to catalog and organize all of our photos - only the most recent shots are imported so far. Having some free time today on my day off I decided to see what was lying inside those other folders...