March 8, 2010

Florida Cycling Race


Zac is a cyclist fan so normally he is on the bike while Betty is doing photo shoot. This time, Zac did not recover from his winter hibernation, he went to do cycling photography with me.

It was a beautiful Sunday, a perfect day for cycling. The race was very fun and intensive. Although Zac was eager to get back to bike again watching cyclists racing, he did some awesome action shots, so did I. We had so many excellent shots and felt pain to get rid of many good photos because we did not want to have our flickr account full of cycling photos. We used zoom lens for close shots of cyclist’s expression, but we also used wide angle lens to shoot from the ground  for a different angle of the race. We did not use panning technique this time just because I had been used panning in every of my previous cycling photo shoot, so we would like to do something different to freeze the action.



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