Fearless Photographers Collection 30 Award
April 23, 2016

Fearless Award Winning Photographer | Collection 30

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Fearless Photographers Collection 30 Award

Direct link (or click on the screen shot above): http://www.fearlessphotographers.com/best-wedding-photography-galleries.cfm?galleryPicID=7004

Another quick shameless self-promotion post here on the blog! The most recent collection of awards on Fearless Photographers went live a few weeks ago while we were traveling in Paris and London, and I figured I should write up a quick post on my own blog for those readers who may not follow Fearless.

Who are Fearless Photographers and why does this matter you may ask? From the website:


FEARLESS PHOTOGRAPHERS is a unique photography directory of the world’s best wedding photographers who are not afraid to push the limits of professional wedding photography to surprise you with extraordinary wedding photos of your wedding day.
Every three months, a curated competition is open for submissions from our members. Of these submissions, less than 3% are selected by a panel of curators as “Fearless Awards” – photographs that excel in redefining wedding photography. These awards are added to the photographers’ portfolio pages and are used to determine their rankings.

While it’s nice to get published on wedding blogs to show off how great you are at taking photos of cakes and centerpieces, Fearless is all about how daring and bold of a photographer you are to truly capture the human side of weddings. I hope you the readers will notice that in my work, that it’s not just nice details and epic portraits, but also the real life heartfelt moments that happen during each and every wedding that tell the true story about two people in love and two families coming together.

Read more on the Fearless Photographers website here and be prepared to be amazed from some of the best wedding photographers in the world, whom I can now count as my peers with this award in Collection 30 (though one of my photographs was selected as one of the Best Fearless Photographers Wedding Photos of 2015, not to brag…) :)

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