March 8, 2010

California Road Trip


We had our California road trip in September 2009. It was first time for both of us really to see California. We flew to San Fransisco, where we spent two days, and then rent a car driving toward south. We drove by Highway 1 through Monterey, Ventura, LA, and then finally San Diego.

Both of us fell in love with Northern California. We got lucky in San Fransisco because the weather was perfect, which is rare for SFO. We rode bike across The Golden Gate Bridge, went to China Town, and then took a bus tour around the whole city, like any tourist. We both love the strong atmosphere of hippie culture of the city. We went to the famous Fishmen’s Wharf. Eh.. It is a OK place for us. Why do we always share the same opinion?

Big Sur State Park along highway 1 is as beautiful as heaven in our mind. We could stop at any vista point and made amazing photos. We hiked mountain and thought we got lost, we admired the big red wood forest, and had a short ride at 17 magnificent miles drive at Pebble beach. We really love amazing Norther California.

We had a great time at Ventura beach watching beautiful sunset, however we did not have a good feeling for LA. It was dusty and hot, perhaps because of the station fire by then. Hollywood Walk of Fame was a huge disappointment, totally different from we saw in the movie or TV. It was fun to see cuddly Grand Panda at San Diego Zoo, however many homeless people wondering around the street kind of damaged the beauty of the city.

Tired but happily, we flew back home from San Diego after a 10 day road trip, with tons of photos in our computer to work on. You can see whole collection of our California photos at our Flickr set.


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