Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony
February 10, 2017

Amber & Jay Civil Ceremony | Ismaili Sikh Fusion Indian Wedding

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Amber & Jay’s Civil Ceremony | Ismaili Sikh Fusion Indian Wedding

Amber & Jay held their multi-day fusion Indian wedding in Atlanta over the Summer and we couldn’t have had a better time celebrating with these two and their families! From the Civil Ceremony to the Pithi Sangeet to the Ismaili Ceremony and the Sikh Ceremony, this wedding had a ton of events and tons of opportunities for amazing photographs! So on that note their were sooooo many amazing photos from this super photogenic couple that I had a really hard time narrowing things down for the blog posts. My mantra for 2016 blogs was to post slightly less than before but I love all of the photos so much it’s hard to choose just a few favorites! This Civil Ceremony day alone had a ton of activities from the getting ready and first look, we then had the outdoor Civil Ceremony in front of the lake. After the wedding party photos and everything else, we had a traditional Pithi ceremony for the Ismaili portion of the wedding where Jay even got to experience the egg ceremony at the end! There’s plenty more to come for this Ismaili Sikh Fusion Indian Wedding but for now, check out Amber in her gorgeous white dress and Jay in his suit for their outdoor civil ceremony!

Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony Sikh Fusion Wedding Civil Ceremony

In the midst of all of the wedding day activities we still were able to sneak in a first look for Amber and Jay outdoors at the little gazebo they have.

After the first look it was back indoors to cool off a bit and to get ready for the ceremony.

Quick first look with Dad :)

And then it was time for the ceremony to begin! Weather cooperated and we had a gorgeous evening by the lake.

Following the civil ceremony was a mehndi night event for the guests and the traditional Ismaili Pithi ceremony for the bride and groom.

Following the Pithi ceremony, and some open dancing, Jay got to experience the Egg Ceremony part of Ismaili wedding traditions.

More to come soon from this amazing Ismaili Sikh Fusion Indian Wedding!

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