December 23, 2009

Downtown St. Petersburg Engagement Session


We had the opportunity to shoot my sister Adelle and her fiance, Joe this past weekend back in my home town of St. Petersburg. Joe proposed during a carriage ride in downtown and they are going to be holding their wedding at the History Museum also located downtown, so naturally we headed back downtown for an engagement shoot.

Shooting family is easy because you already know the people you are shooting. Shooting family is difficult because you already know the people you are shooting. Yeah it’s a little weird to say to your future brother-in-law to kiss your sister repeatedly in front of you, but we all eventually loosened up a bit.

We started at the Fine Art Museum right downtown on Beach Drive and stayed around the park area getting a couple shots here and there at the Museum and along the water.

We then walked over to the History Museum a block away. We tried to use the building somehow in the shots but ended up having more fun in the grass behind the building and along the waterfront.

On our way to the actual “downtown” part of St. Petersburg we stopped at this really neat building (that is actually a public restroom!) to do a High Dynamic Range HDR shot in front of the brick. When we got to downtown we also took another HDR shot in front of this artistic installation in front of a newly built high-rise. What do you think of the effect?

HDR Engagement Shot

Rounding out the night as the sun set we found some other neat locations around Downtown St. Petersburg and got the couple to loosen up a bit and play with the environment.

This was my favorite part of the entire shoot, going to another newly built high-rise called Signature St. Petersburg. It has this MASSIVE wall of water that looked amazing at night! I think every photographer in St. Petersburg has probably taken a shot of this thing, so much fun! I think our pictures there came out pretty good if I do say so myself!

Looking forward to seeing my sister again in the Fall of 2010 for their actual wedding again downtown St. Petersburg!

Zac & Betty

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